All organizations can use inspiration from time to time.  I enjoy sharing informative keynote talks that teach, inspire, and transform leaders.
Listed below are several excerpts from my passionate talks. 


Personal Performance

This talk inspires the audience to tap into their full potential, pursue their passions, and pursue excellence in everything they do. I share examples of individuals who have achieved great success the personal discipline, hard work and dedication. There are strategies and proven practices for maintaining focus, managing stress,… Read More


The importance of giving back to your community, helping others in need, can make a positive difference in the world. This excerpt of my talk fosters a sense of purpose that can build stronger communities and provide insights to creating a more compassionate society. I encourage the audience to… Read More

Walking With A Limp

Leaders use humility as a valuable trait in leadership. It builds trust, fosters collaboration, and it inspires. Leaders who “walk with a limp” prioritize the needs of others thru empathy and active listening. Its not a sign of weakness but rather a strength that allows them to connect with… Read More

Elite Non-Profits

Radically committed to their mission success and making social change is what sets elite non-profit organizations apart from their peers. Attributes such as well-defined vision and strategy, cultural competence within their leadership and exemplary execution are cornerstones of these organizations. Also, their ability to adapt and innovate in a… Read More