About the Author

Henry W. Saxon is the Managing Principal at Saxon Advisors LLC. Saxon Advisors LLC is a high-performance strategy and implementation consultancy based in Atlanta. Saxon Advisors clients are “brave” human services and faith-based non-profits who are deeply committed to deepening and scaling their mission impact. Henry’s role is to ensure that each client receives consultative services with a holistic approach rooted in experience and expertise. The firm’s practice areas include mission alignment, governance optimization, strategic planning, operational effectiveness, talent management, and strategy implementation.

Henry’s experience includes more than 30 years as an accomplished non-profit leader serving as a program practitioner, senior executive, and executive consultant. I have had the privilege of working on various non-profit issues and challenges. His experience has afforded him a deep understanding of the complexities and opportunities facing the non-profit sector today. He is a lifelong advocate for non-profit accountability around achieving mission impact and advancing social change protections for all, especially for those who reside in under-represented communities.

Henry’s reputation was built on his ability to successfully consult effective board governance and transformation, channeling and increasing non-profit mission focus, and mentoring non-profit professionals at all levels.

Henry believes that all non-profits can increase their capacity to expand their mission and operational impact. In his new book “Promise Keepers”, he shares critical strategic insights, strategies and proven practices for non-profit leaders looking to elevate their organizations to new heights of success and impact.

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Promise Keepers: Transforming Non-Profit Organizations for a Better Tomorrow

In “Promise Keepers,” author and non-profit expert Henry W. Saxon presents a groundbreaking guide for non-profit organizations looking to elevate their mission impact to new heights. Drawing on years of experience as a program practitioner, non- profit executive, and executive consultant, Saxon reveals vital strategies and best practices to help non-profits become more socially intelligent, efficient, impactful, and sustainable.

This essential book covers mission fidelity, governance, strategic planning, operational effectiveness, talent management, and strategy execution. Through real-life examples and practical tips, Promise Keepers offers valuable insights on how non-profits can increase community and stakeholder credibility and value.

Whether you are a board member, a seasoned non-profit professional, or a newcomer to the sector, this book serves as a comprehensive guide and roadmap for keeping your mission promises made to the communities you serve. “Promise Keepers” is a must- read for anyone committed to creating social change and lasting impact through non- profit work.